Term 3 Writing

I am learning to add detail to my writing.

I wrote about the fun I had with my Mum and Dion playing with water balloons.

Writing Week - Book Character Day

I came dressed as my favourite book character.
My Mum made my hook.

Integrated Topic - Change in Plants

I have been learning about Change in Plants.

I know that a seed grows into a big plant or flower and then gets leaves.

Gymnastics - Tuck

I have been learning gymnastics.
I am doing the tuck position. I also learnt to do a straddle,  a pike
and a stretch. I can do a pencil roll also.

Term 2 Writing

I am learning to write all the sounds I hear.

I have written words I know like 'my' and 'is ' and 'it'
and the sounds in pirate and volcano.

Tree of Life - Art Attack Term 2

Integrated Topic - Conflict

I have been learning about Conflict and what to do about it.
We did role plays and it was fun pretending to argue and solve the problem.

Self portrait

I have been learning to paint a Self Portrait.
I learn where to put my eyes, nose, mouth, eyes and

Term 1 Writing

I am learning to shape my letters correctly.
I have left spaces between my words.