What is my learning goal? Punctuation.
What have I learned? Where all the punctuation goes.
What is my next step? To use more punctuation.


What is my learning goal? To make a information report about Oaklands.
What have I learned?  That an information report needs facts, and info.
What is my next step? to make a information report have more than 10 lines and interesting sentences.


My learning goal is to make a round number.

What have i learned how many numbers to round.

What is my next step to get every single one right.


WALT to do a dance routine.

So what I learned how to dance properly.

What is my next step to not be yuck about the cha cha.


What?  I am learning about Anzac Day as it is an important part of our learning about ‘Being a New Zealander’

So What?

Two things I know: is that heaps of people where made to go to war. half of those people died.

Two things I would like to know: how many people went. how many people died.

Two things I have learned: that people lied about there age. and that it is dangerous

Now What?

I would like to learn more about the trenches…. because .. i did not learn much about it

Music with Mr McCullum

My learning goal is to learn to write a rap
What have i learnt to make a rap
My next step is to know more about raps

Keeping ourselves safe

I am learning to make safe decisions.
I am learning this because i need to keep safe.
An example of a safe decision is if someone says to hop in there car say no they might try trick you.

maths statistical investigation

What I am learning to complete a statistical investigation

So what I have learned that the steps in  the statistical investigation  inquiry model are to first create a question and then move to asking it and then checking the data.

 Now what something i have learnt from gathering  my data is how to complete a statistical investigation. I learnt that most people like crab tag.