Inquiry Term 4 - bean growing

WALT how to grow a plant from a seed.

SUCCESS CRITERIA I will know about having my plant in the light and watering it each day so that it grows well. 

MUSIC - Recorder Term 4

WALT play the notes B A G C D.

SUCCESS CRITERIA I can play a tune with the notes B A G C D.

STUDENT VOICE "I know how to play notes on the recorder. I know which finger goes on which hole".

Inquiry Term 4 Potato Growing

WALT know what plants needs to grow well.

SUCCESS CRITERIA We will plant the potato under the soil and give it water and light to help it grow. 

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STUDENT VOICE: I always put my bucket out in the sun every day and I bring it in before I go home. The sun helps the plant to grow. 

Technology Term 3

WALT use recyclable materials to design a toy. 

SUCCESS CRITERIA I have created a toy.


CARE Term 2

WALT demonstrate the Oaklands CARE values.

SUCCESS CRITERIA - I can demonstrate Community, Active Thinking, Respect and Excellence. 

Student Voice - "I show Community by being a great team player".

Maths Term 2 - Measurement

WALT measure  the length of objects. 

SUCCESS CRITERIA- I can tell you how long something is in centimetres.

Student voice " I can use my ruler to measure how long something is". 

Term 2 Inquiry

WALT know  

· * that there are  different kinds of movement - the motion of common objects

·  * that pushes and pulls can make things start or stop moving - the effects of forces on objects
·  about the movement of different sized objects 

   * about the  ways magnets behave

P.E. Term 2

WALT throw and catch a ball.

SUCCESS CRITERIA- We can aim at an object and we know to have our hands up ready to catch the ball.

Writing Term 2

WALT  recount something.

SUCCESS CRITERIA  I have answered some of the ‘W’ questions. 

Yesterday we went on the bus to the air force museum. We met Chris at the door. We went on a scavenger hunt. It was easy because I knew where everything was. Then we went to the classroom. Chris showed us how to make a helicopter. It was fun to see all of the planes.


Student Voice - " I have answered who and where". 

Maths Term 1

Writing Term 1

WALT write a recount about something  that has already happened.
SUCCESS CRITERIA – we will have a capital at the start of each sentence and a fullstop at the end. 

Today I went for a swimming lesson with my class at the school pool. We went in the morning. The water was warm and I enjoyed being in the pool. I can float and swim. 

Student Voice - all my capitals and fullstops are in the right place. 

Term 1 Reading

WALT use our reading skills to read the crossword clues
SUCCESS CRITERIA; we can read the clues for the crossword.

Student Voice - I can read well so I can read the crossword clues". 

Art Term 1 2015

WALT draw a self portrait with facial features are included, drawn in proportion and correctly placed.

SUCCESS CRITERIA The facial features are in the right place and are the right size.